Hi there! I am Andie Nicole Palynchuk and I've got a paintbrush. Not to lay it on you thick butttt I play art real hard! I scan and analyze incessantly. I doodle and dance around materials, ideas, and a considerable degree of disorder. I love playing alongside many different mediums with a primary focus in painting, drawing, and installation. I get lost within the spirit of different mediums as they tell me stories. The muse is the mythical power that creates art: the inspiration, the must in the artist’s studio, the spark that kindles creativity. Tools, paints, solvents, inks, and pastels effortlessly become my muses when they are poured and applied on canvas. Mediums reveal to me their mysteries and arouse inspiration. Our relationship to each other - our friction - makes sparks fly to light new fires. 

I’m fascinated by nature and curious about the lives of others, whether real or imagined. Through imaginative landscapes I discover entire colonies of flora, fauna and characters each with unique personalities and histories. I encourage people, if even for a moment, to get in touch with their child self through my characters and images. This is not to say that my work is necessarily “childish”; I often pack fairly grown-up references into my work. Through artistic creation I forge my own liberation exploring ideas of sexuality and the oppressive boundaries of dominant social norms. I actively cultivate self-discovery, self-esteem, and self-acceptance each and every day.

I smush, mash, hack, scratch and trowel colour across canvas. I consider colour a portal to my fullest expression and a means of communication that I cannot access with words. My work is heavily process based, discovering and building with material over time; unearthing a works potential through an unstructured, unrestricted and open approach. Creative energy flows freely and my insights magically become reality. Ethereal power surrounds me and I surrender to my paintbrush. Other-worlds begin to blossom out of colours, scribbles become mystical shapes forming a colourful cast of characters surrounded by blissful chaotic space. This is where I belong, wild and free.